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NIGP Webinars

NIGP Webinars

Webinar title: Market Research Equals Better Decision Making: Learn Why and How

When: Tuesday, May 21, 2019   1:00 - 2:30 p.m. CST

Overview: This session is for professionals who are starting out in Procurement and want to better understand market research as well as how to apply the findings to procurement.  After this session, you will better understand what resources might help you add much greater value to your organization when you work on your next public procurement process, contract negotiations, and contract lifecycle.  You will also hear from a panel of Procurement Professionals on how they have applied the use of market research.

Presenters: Multiple. Brenda Derge, Purchasing Agent Program Supervisor, State of WI DOC is one of the presenters for this webinar.

More information and registration: Click here

Webinar title: Great Project Outcomes Start at the Source: How Utilities Procurement Teams Manage Complex RFP Decisions more Efficiently with Sourcing Technology

When: Thursday May 23, 2019   1:00 - 2:30 p.m. CST

Overview: Utilities procurement teams play a crucial role in delivering essential services to customers, on time and on budget. The contracting decisions you make through bids and RFPs have a significant impact, not only on your procurement function but the entire organization — and the more complex the project, the higher the stakes.

Despite this, many teams have gaps in their technology which leave the evaluation of bids and RFPs to be completed through spreadsheets and manual steps. This is not only an administrative burden; managing complex, multi-stakeholder evaluations (e.g. for equipment or construction) through spreadsheets introduces a risk of errors and delays that can put project outcomes on the line.

See how public utilities organizations like yours are addressing this gap by implementing purpose-built software for bid and RFP evaluations, making it easier to engage stakeholders, efficiently evaluate vendor data, and ensure high-quality, cost effective service delivery to the organization.

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The Procurement Classroom

The Bid Security and Its Purpose

By Jorge Lynch - The Procurement ClassRoom

A bid security is an amount of money that may be calculated as a percentage of the budget estimate of a procurement requirement or a percentage of a bidder’s bid price. It is used by the client as a protection against bidders withdrawing their bids prior to the end of their bid validity period, or for refusing to sign the contract.

The bid security is intended to deter bidders from withdrawing their bids, because they would otherwise forfeit the bid security amount to the client. It gives the client some assurance that the selected bidder will sign the contract or otherwise forfeit their bid security.

A bid security may be required of firms that submit offers in response to an invitation for bids. It is commonly used when procuring goods, works and non-consultant services. Although uncommon for consultant services, it could be applied if stipulated in the bidding documents and in the public procurement rules.

As previously mentioned, the bid security amount can be set either as a percentage of the bidder’s offer or as a percentage of the allocated budget for the procurement requirement. However, if the procurement method used does not permit revealing the allocated budget, care must be taken to set the bid security as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the bidders’ bid rather than as a percentage of the allocated budget. This would preclude indirectly or inadvertently revealing the budget by setting the bid security amount as a percentage of the estimated budget for the procurement requirement.

A bid security guarantee is usually acceptable in one of the following formats:
(i) unconditional bank guarantee,
(ii) irrevocable letter of credit,
(iii) certified check, or (iv) bond.

The bid security must be surrendered to the client if the bidder:
(i) withdraws their bid before the end of the bid validity period,
(ii) fails to sign the contract after the notification of award, or
(iii) fails to provide a performance security, if required

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the VALUE for Local Government Inc.
Planning Committee - April 17, 2019

Bill Kurer

Catherine Martin
Duane McKinney
Jamie Beckwith
Jen White
Matthew Fleming
Robert Barwick
Roy Hartmann
Vicky Nash

New and Ongoing Business
Treasurer’s Report
– presented by Treasurer Duane McKinney

Checking $7,827.97
Savings $10,020.32

New Members – None

Sign Approve Bylaws
Matthew Fleming and Duane McKinney signed three copies of the approved Bylaws and presented a copy for the historic file to Jen White.

Website Updates
Jen White reports that the website is turning out to be a lot of work and that she may need assistance in keeping it up to date. She has completed various updates including incorporating our new logo. Catherine Martin is taking on the membership duties and Jen will track other tasks and report at the next few meetings the progress. More updates will be coming soon.

Recap of March Meeting
Final expenses and revenues were reviewed. Value’s contribution to the meeting was $904.27. Overall the group thought the meeting went well. The reviews on the speaker were mixed, but most thought he did a decent job and was a good value. The venue was good, but we would like to see them upgrade their technology if we use them next year. Food pricing was very good compared to previous meetings.

Discuss Cost Sharing with WAPP for Future Meetings
Matthew Fleming was tasked to reach out to WAPP leadership to negotiate a new cost sharing model for future March meetings.

Learn From Your Peers or Bring an Issue to Discuss
Office Depot – Cindy Greco was contacted by phone to discuss the core items and quoting a larger list than what they provided. Cindy is looking for a quote based on the full usage report. Amazon seems cheaper on paper and toner but does not provide desktop delivery. Kay from Waukesha is working on the contract and may extend it month to month for a short time to give users additional time to transition to a different contract if they like. Bill Kurer and Jamie Beckwith stated they would review the contract presented by Office Depot at the last meeting and report their thoughts at the next meeting.

Member Survey – Discussion of creating a survey of the Value membership to assist in determining the needs of the membership including mentoring, cooperative contracts and bids, or training. Catherine is going to send a “five whys” question to the group to get feedback on how to develop the survey.

More Interest – Discussion of how to bring in more members to the planning meetings including discussion trends, market conditions, and brining in guest speakers for specific topics.

May Meeting
The next VALUE monthly planning meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 15 at West Allis City Hall, Room 128. Networking begins at 8:30 am until 10:30am.





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State of Wisconsin Contract Updates


Updates to State of Wisconsin contracts are issued weekly by the State of Wisconsin.  VALUE is reprinting the weekly information received as a courtesy to our members. 

The following contracts have been updated for the week of 5/6/19 – 5/10/19:

505ENT-M11-HOSTEDVOIP-01 Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services (AT&T)
Uploaded Amendment 12.

505ENT-W12-CENTRXATT-01 Centrex and Local Services (AT&T)
Uploaded Amendment 11

505ENT-M18-MOVSTRGSVC-00 Moving and Storage Services – Statewide
Contract renewed until 6/30/2020.

505ENT-O18-CONELCWPNS-01 Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEW) and Related Accessories
Contract and price list updated. This contract has been renewed through February 28, 2020.

505ENT-O16-FIREEYE-01 FireEye Network Security Hardware, Software and Services
This contract was renewed for one additional year

The following contracts have been updated for the week of 4/29/19 - 5/3/19:

505ENT-M15-HZRDSWSTSV-01 Hazardous Wastes Services
Updated fuel surcharge rates.

505ENT-M17-WIRELESSPH-XX Wireless Telephony and Broadband Plans, Equipment and Support
Uploaded 01 - Amendment 3 (Verizon Wireless)

505ENT-M19-RATECERT-00 Class 5 Legal/Public Notices: Rate Certification Program
Certification Rates Bulletin updated for May 2019

505ENT-O17-BODYARMOR-00 Body Armor (NIJ approved Bullet/Stab Resistant Tactical Products, Including Vests)
Removed Kara Kross as the main contact and replaced with Daniela Domenecci for Point Blank Enterprises.

505ENT-O16-NASPOCOMPUT-00 NASPO Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services
Updated Lenovo Reseller List

505ENT-M17-SFTGLASSES-01 Prescription Safety Glasses
Added Item 37, Avon Vision Correction Assembly

505ENT-O19-BROADISP-00 Broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services
Added Granite Telecommunications to the contract.

505ENT-O13-FINGERPRIN-01 Electronic Fingerprinting Services and Associated Processing
Added Amendment 1 regarding Invoicing

505ENT-M18-ELEVATORSV-00 Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services
DVA - Veterans Home at King, (Lot 16) Nos. 19, 20, and 21 Regulated ID# 503471, 502446, and 500937 removed

Added Professional Interpreting Enterprise (PIE).

505ENT-O14-GNDMNTCEQP-00 Ground Maintenance Equipment
A participating addendum has been signed with CNH Industrial

505ENT-U15-WRITINGINS-01 Writing Instruments
Two (2) items removed form contract that did not meet fair market pricing. (P-0315 and P-0327).  An updated price sheet has been posted to VendorNet.

505ENT-U07-FLOOR PADS-01 Floor Pads for Cleaning Machines
Price decrease for five (5) items to comply with fair market pricing: (20" Red - 5100; 20" Brown - 7100; 20" Pink - 3600; 20"  Peach - 3200; 20" Blue - 5300. New price sheet attached with updated pricing. 

505ENT-U93-DSTWETMOPS-01 Mops: Wet; Disposable Dust Mops; Launderable Dust Mops
A price increase request for the mops contract (505ENT-U93-DSTWETMOPS-01) has been approved due to multiple raw material and shipping increases.  Fair market pricing analyses were completed for all items.  All increases were within fair market pricing.  The analyses were reviewed and approved by the State Use Board on May 2, 2019, to be effective May 6, 2019.  A new price list has been posted and all pricing in WISBuy has be updated.

New Contract Posted:
505ENT-O19-NALOXONE-01 Naloxone (Narcan®, ADAPT Pharma)

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