Bid Creation Instructions

The purpose behind a VALUE bid is for VALUE member agencies to pool their resources and use one solicitation to obtain needed commodities and services.  This eliminates duplication of work for all VALUE members, and allows vendors to provide the VALUE members with volume discounted prices.

The VALUE bidding process, in simplest terms, is as follows:

Bid Created:  A governmental entity (one of the VALUE members) uses their standard bidding and specification processes to create the bid.  This is the Lead Agency.

Volume Discount Information is Sought:  Basic information about the bid is sent to the entire VALUE membership (and posted to the VALUE website).  The VALUE members respond regarding whether they purchase the item/service.  If you are already under contract for the item/service, you CAN still participate.  The Lead Agency will indicate in the bid that your agency will use the VALUE contract once your current contract has ended.  The volume of your purchase will simply need to be adjusted appropriately.

Bid is Let:  The Lead Agency uses their standard agency processes to solicit responses to the bid.

Contract is Awarded:  Once the award is made, the award information is posted to the VALUE website and the VALUE members notified of availability.

If a VALUE bid has already been awarded, VALUE member agencies may piggyback off the contract.  However, please notify the Lead Agency contact person.  When the commodity/service is re-bid, your purchasing volumes should be included to ensure the maximum volume pricing is obtained from the vendors in the next solicitation.