Who is VALUE?  Why Should I Join?

VALUE has 2 primary focuses:

Allow Smaller Government Entities to Use the Contracts Already bid out by the Larger Government Entities in SE Wisconsin

The VALUE Planning Committee is a core group of individuals from the larger counties/cities in Southeastern Wisconsin who meet monthly.  We all work in a formal Purchasing Department and have been formally trained in Purchasing requirements/processes/issues.  As part of VALUE, we recognize the smaller government entities in Wisconsin may not have the luxury of a formal purchasing department with formally trained public purchasers on staff.

Frequently the goods or services needed by all our agencies have been bid out by the larger cities and counties, so VALUE’s goal is to keep the smaller agencies informed of the contracts and vendors already under contract by the bigger entities.  This allows the smaller government entities to use those same contracts – thereby obtaining the competitive pricing, and volume discounted pricing given to larger government entities, and also avoid the hassle of bidding out the item/service themselves.

On the VALUE website, there are 2 places to look for contracts you may be able to use:

  • VALUE Bids – These bids we all go together on – larger entities and all the smaller entities.  For example, the ammunition for the various police/Sheriff departments.  We pool our needs to obtain bigger volume discounted pricing, and then one of the bigger entities does the actual bidding process on behalf of all of us.


  • Piggyback Opportunities – These are contracts that the larger entities bid out specifically for their own use.  However, the vendor may be willing to give other government entities the same pricing.  You would need to contact the government entity to obtain the contract, so you can determine if it’s something that meets your needs, and who the vendor contact person is.


Provide a Yearly “Cheap” Opportunity for Training

Formal training in the purchasing field are rather pricey.  Therefore, VALUE has partnered with the statewide purchasing group – Wisconsin Association for Public Procurement (  We plan their March meeting for them (get the speakers, pay the costs for meeting rooms, speakers, etc.) using the dues paid by the VALUE members.  In return, we have our VALUE annual meeting as part of the March agenda, and also allow any VALUE member to register for the March WAPP meeting for $50 to attend both days.  The good news – your VALUE member dues cover everyone employed at your entity.  What that means is anyone employed by your entity can attend the 2-day March WAPP meeting for the $50.00 meeting fee.

How To Join 

Membership is open to any governmental or nonprofit organization funded primarily with governmental funds.


Cost of Participation

$50.00 membership fee per year, per agency, with unlimited agency members. In addition, each member agency contributes staff expertise and time, as they are able.


Monthly Newsletters

VALUE of the Month newsletter is emailed each month to VALUE members.


Membership Information

For a VALUE Membership Application, please click the following links: