Volume Acquisition and Large Uniform Expenditures (VALUE) is a non-profit organization made up of local government agencies in the Wisconsin area and is affiliated with the Wisconsin Association for Public Procurement (WAPP) Chapter of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP). The purpose of the organization is to:

  • Reduce the cost of goods and services by allowing members to combine requirements for commonly used items on one single request for bid.
  • Share information about contracts that were publicly solicited by individual Wisconsin agencies and which are available for piggybacking, and
  • Assist with the planning for the spring WAPP conference.


VALUE was formed in 1991 when a need was recognized for an organized network to communicate and seek commitment between a broad array of participating governmental units for cooperative purchasing.


  • Reduce product cost

  • Lower administrative costs (one agency bids instead of several)

  • Increased level of service from vendors

  • Discount blanket agreements for parts and services with distributors

  • Develops a communications network to share and compare information

  • Product quality can be improved by leveraging our purchasing volume to require changes or upgrades to the basic item

  • Vendor responsiveness improves due to the volume of purchases involved in a single bid


Commodities bid by VALUE cover a diverse area of requirements. VALUE members are encouraged to participate in any or all bids, by providing their respective needs and purchase commitment to the lead agency releasing the particular bid. The commodity list can change as additional items are required by the participating members. Some typical commodities bid by VALUE are: 

  • Road Marking Paints & Glass Beads

  • Office Paper

  • Crack Filler

  • Gasoline & Diesel Fuels

  • Natural Gas

  • Deicing Chemicals

  • Procurement Card Services

  • Ammunition

  • Fire Fighter Protective Clothing

  • Office Supplies



The ByLaws for the VALUE organization can be accessed by clicking the picture below.


Code of Ethics

VALUE program members follow NIGP's Code of Ethics, located on the NIGP website:  www.nigp.org

Membership is open to any governmental or nonprofit organization funded primarily with governmental funds.