Piggyback Opportunities

The State of Wisconsin has a lot of contracts that you may wish to piggyback from.  For details about the State's contracts, visit the State of Wisconsin's website at http://vendornet.state.wi.us.

Together, we create VALUE!

Each VALUE bid is conducted through a "lead agency" that distributes the bid requirements to the various member agencies.  VALUE members can then join in the bid, to help obtain volume discounted pricing.  If you missed the opportunity to join in the bid - that's okay.  Join in next time, to help decrease the pricing next time it is bid.  In the meantime, if you are a member of VALUE, you may piggyback from a VALUE Cooperative Contract.

If you are a VALUE member agency, ask your bidders (in your bid language) if they will provide the same pricing to other VALUE members.  If the winning bidder said yes, contact Matt Flemming ([email protected]) to add your contract to this list.

Don't have time to perform a bid?  Maybe you can piggyback from another VALUE member!  Check the opportunities below or reach out to one of the VALUE members or Planning Committee members to determine if a piggyback opportunity is available.