Frequently Asked Questions

Who is VALUE? 

They are us. VALUE is an organization made up of counties, school districts, cities, villages, and special districts in the southeastern Wisconsin market area.  A list of our current members can be found in our Member Directory.  There is also a link to many of the member websites on our "Links" page. 

Click here for a brief powerpoint about who we are, and what we do!

What is the cost of participation?

The out of pocket cost is $50.00 per year.  In addition, each member contributes staff expertise and time, as they are able.  It is the philosophy of VALUE that this participation is not in addition to our regular duties - cost reduction through cooperative purchasing is a part of our jobs.

How large is the staff of VALUE?

There is no paid staff.  Administration is by an elected Chairperson and Treasurer, and an appointed Vice-Chairperson and Planning Committee.  Currently there are 14 members to our Planning Committee.

Who mails and receives the bids?

Each bid is coordinated by a lead agency.  This agency is responsible for reproducing, mailing, opening and tabulating the bid.  Award is determined by the responsible commodity work group.

How are out-of-state suppliers considered?

No differently than present.  They will receive an award if they are low bid and can provide services as specified.

Will my current suppliers be given a chance to bid?

Yes - just furnish the name and address to the workgroup developing the specification.

What if my governing body will not authorize an award to the bidder selected by VALUE?

If the award is not authorized due to a lack of available funds, the specification provides for not entering into a contract with no penalty or obligation.  However, your contract with VALUE and the specifications both obligate your jurisdiction to follow through with agreed commitments, i.e. the only acceptable reason for withdrawing is a lack of funds.

How do I join?

By completing the Membership Application and signing the Letter of Understanding.

How do I get more information?      

Contact the City of West Allis at 414-302-8300.

What can I do to assist?

Participate.  Your special needs and special expertise need to be represented for all of our benefit.  We also need your volume - quantity is the basis of our success.  And finally, spread the word among your colleagues with other agencies - word of mouth is always the best reference.

How am I informed about upcoming bids?

Through e-mails and monthly newsletters.  All bids are also presented at our annual meeting.