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VALUE Membership

To keep VALUE’S Member Directory as accurate as possible, Members must ensure their contact information is up-to-date. Members are responsible for keeping their information current.  If there are changes to any of the following, please log in to your VALUE account to update your information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Login at and go to Membership, Member Area to make any updates. You can also add a photo or a biography!

If the following changes occur within your organization, email [email protected], and a Value Planning Committee Member will assist you with updating the information:

  • The employee is no longer employed with the organization
  • A new employee is hired and you want them to be added as a VALUE member and have access to the VALUE website.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping the VALUE Member Directory up to date!

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Rubberized Crack Sealant and Mastic Contract Update

Maintenance departments are under siege trying to keep up with pavement cracks and pothole repairs. Prevention is much cheaper than repair. Research shows that active crack sealing programs are cost-effective in extending the life of pavement as opposed to the cost of extensive pavement repairs for streets left unsealed. Traditionally, crack sealing has been low on the priority list, both in terms of funding and time allotments. However, an effective crack sealing program is the single best weapon against pavement failure.

VALUE for Local Government has once again bid out for crack sealant material and mastic. The new contract term is from January 1 through June 30, 2021.

Please visit to see the latest pricing available to our VALUE members. 

Copy Paper Contract Extended

VALUE for Local Government Inc. has extended its original agreement with Veritiv for copy paper. Pricing for this extension is from January 1, through December 31, 2021. Extension documents are available at the following link:

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the VALUE for Local Government Inc.
Planning Committee - December 23, 2020

Members Present:
Robert Barwick
Matt Fleming
Bill Kuror
Catherine Martin
Vicky Nash
Jen White

New and Ongoing Business
Treasurer’s Report
 – presented by Robert Barwick (for Duane McKinney)
as of November 30, 2020
Checking $8,727.40
Savings $10,028.69

New VALUE Members
Rosholt School District

Planning for Annual Meeting, March 2021
In light of COVID-19, the annual spring meeting will be held virtually. At this time, the intention is to host a couple of virtual seminar-type meetings in conjunction with WAPP. There will be multiple presenters on multiple different topics. Matt Fleming will be reaching out to Lloyd Windle from the City of Tucson and
DemandStar to see if they will perform a virtual presentation. Ideally, we will have three different presenters. The presenters can utilize the WAPP Zoom account to present, if needed, per Matt's conversation with WAPPs President. The committee does not anticipate there will be a cost for members to attend these virtual meetings. Meeting costs are estimated to be well below the typical $2,500 - 3,000.
Matt will set up a meeting in January for him, Bill, and Jen to meet with WAPP regarding technology, attendee registration, and dates. After the WAPP meeting, Matt will set up a meeting for him, Bill, and Jen to meet with DemandStar to discuss availability/interest, presentation format, date, presentation contents, and any other necessary details.

Membership Dues
The Planning Committee voted on 2021 membership dues, which will remain at $50 per organization for 2021.

Copy Paper Contract
The copy paper contract was renewed for an additional year. However, the School District of Waukesha no longer wants to be the lead agency for the next bid. Matt is going to reach out to Veritiv to get a contract usage report and if participation supports the need for the contract to continue, VALUE will try to find a new lead agency to rebid this contract for 2022 and beyond.

January Meeting
The next VALUE monthly Planning Committee Meeting will be held virtually on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, at 8:30 am. Any paying VALUE member can attend these and are encouraged to do so. Any member who is interested in attending should reach out to Matt Fleming, President at [email protected] for call-in information.

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NIGP Webinars

NIGP Webinar

Webinar title: Procurement Law Tales from the Dark Side

When: Thursday, February 16, 2021   1:00 - 2:30 p.m. CST

Overview: For four years, Richard Pennington was in private law practice where he filed bid protests and represented clients in court challenges to awards and contract disputes. This webinar will highlight procurement practices that can lead to reduced competition, challenges to awards, or contract disputes. Stories will be used to illustrate supplier perceptions about best value procurement, industry concerns with trade secrets, potential issues with evaluations and the negotiation process, and supplier claims that contracts have been changed. We’ll have one breakout session to let participants share insights, maybe even disagree with Richard’s observations!

Presented By: Mr. Richard Pennington, CPPO, J.D, NIGP-CPP

More information and registration: Click here

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State of Wisconsin Contract Updates

Updates to State of Wisconsin contracts are issued weekly by the State of Wisconsin.  VALUE is reprinting some of the weekly information received as a courtesy to our members. 

The following contracts have been updated for the week of 12/28/20 – 12/30/20:

505ENT-S18-SASINST-01 SAS Institute Software
New Master License Agreement with EIS to facilitate the sale of SAS for the State has been added to the file and the contract term has been extended.

505ENT-M20-WTRSFNRSLT-00 Water Softener Salt
New vendor added.

The following contracts have been updated for the week of 12/14/20 – 12/18/20:

505ENT-M17-WICOMPUTER-00 Computer Equipment and Related Services
Updated PDS Standard Configurations.

505ENT-O16-NASPOCOMPUT-00 NASPO Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services
Updated NetApp Reseller List

505ENT-M19-MEDICALSUP-00 Medical Supplies
Updated MMCAP Infuse Covid-19 Buyers Guide Medical Supply Vendors 12-16-2020

New contract posted:
505ENT-M21-EAPSERVICE-01 Statewide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services

The following contracts have been updated for the week of 12/07/20 – 12/11/20:

505ENT-M20-VEHICLERNTL-00 Nationwide Vehicle Rental Service
Updated User Guide - added clarification regarding associated fees

505ENT-M19-TIRES&TUBES-00 TIRES, TUBES & SERVICES for pursuit/performance, passenger, light-medium-HD trucks, bus, off-road, ag/farm, and industrial vehicles-equipment
Updated User Guide

505ENT-M17-WICOMPUTER-00 Computer Equipment and Related Services
New Standard Configurations for Vanguard Computers; Standard Desktops for Vanguard Storage and Recovery were updated with WiFi Cards.

New contracts posted:
505ENT-M21-RATECERT-00 Class 5 Legal/Public Notices: Rate Certification Program

505ENT-M21-LEGALNOTIC-01 Class 5 Legal Notices: Published in the Official State Newspaper for the State of Wisconsin

The following contracts have been updated for the week of 11/30/20 – 12/04-20:

505ENT-U99-DSPLGLOVES-01 GLOVES, Non-Sterile, Disposable
Price increase on multiple items effective 12/01/2020.  Updated price list is posted.

505ENT-U93-DSTWETMOPS-01 Mops: Wet; Disposable Dust Mops; Launderable Dust Mops
Price increase on Looped End and Cut End mop heads 12/01/2020.  Updated price list is posted.

505ENT-M20-RATECERT-00 Class 5 Legal/Public Notices: Rate Certification Program
Certification Rates Bulletin updated for December 2020

505ENT-M19-MEDICALSUP-00 Medical Supplies
Updated MMCAP Infuse Covid-19 Buyers Guide Medical Supply Vendors 12-2-2020

505ENT-O20-FLOORING-00 Statewide Flooring Including Commercial Carpet, Resilient Coverings, and Related Services
Added Moose Sport/Tarkett (Sergenians) to "Additional Product List Prices"; Updated Sergenians Price List, Additional Products tab

505ENT-M19-LEGISPRNT-01 Class 1 Printing for the Legislature both Senate and Assembly
This contract has been renewed for another year.

505ENT-M18-WTRTRTMHAC-00 Water Treatment & Services Area 2 – 5
Added Northern Wisconsin Center, UW Eau Claire, UW Lacrosse, UW River Falls, UW Stout & UW Superior to the contract.

505ENT-M12-SERVICESIT-01 Vendor Managed Services Sourcing Contract
The Contract has been extended through 6/30/2021

New contract posted:
505ENT-O21-SMLPAKGDEL-01 SpeeDee - Small Package Delivery Services

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