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Annual VALUE Meeting & Training Opportunity

Don't Miss Out on These Great Training Opportunities!

Annual VALUE in Local Government & WAPP Meeting
The Annual VALUE in Local Government meeting is open for registration!  Once again we have put together some excellent training for our VALUE members, along with the opportunity join our WAPP colleagues for some shared learning.  The annual meeting will be held on March 7th and March 8th.  Visit to view the agenda and to register for the meeting.  Only $50 for both days of training, and that includes your meals!

NIGP Forum 2019
NIGP Forum Registration is open!  Register before April 30th to save $140 on a full registration package.  This early-bird registration discount is in lieu of group discounts.  Click on the link on the WAPP home page at for details.

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Membership Dues are Due!

Membership Dues

A friendly reminder to pay your annual VALUE in Local Government membership dues before the end of February!  Your membership dues are $50.00 for the year, and cover everyone in your government entity.

To Renew Your Membership by P-Card

  • Visit the VALUE website (
  • Log into your account (the login is on the left hand side on the home page).  Your login name is your email address.
  • Click on "Member Dues" on the left hand side.

The website will automatically allow you to pay by credit card.  To pay by check, please use the instructions below. 

To Pay by Check
When you get to the screen asking for a credit card, click the "Bypass Payment" button.  Please make checks out to V.A.L.U.E. in Local Government, and remit your payment to the following address:

V.A.L.U.E. in Local Government
c/o City of West Allis - Purchasing Dept.
7525 W. Greenfield Avenue
West Allis, Wisconsin 53214

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Copy PaperCopy Paper

A price increase has been posted to the VALUE website for the Copy Paper contract.  The price increase is effective as of 3/1/2019.

To obtain a copy of the price increase information:

  • Log into your account on the left hand side
  • Click on VALUE Bids at the top of the screen
  • Click on Copy Paper


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State Vehicle Contract

The new State Contract #505ENT-M19-2019VEHICS-00 for Model Year 2019 or Newer Passenger, Law Enforcement & Light Duty Trucks is available for use by governmental entities in the State of Wisconsin.  Many thanks to Leann McGowan for pulling together this contract that is so important to our organizations!

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Procurious News| by Alex Sari

Alex Saric shares his top tips for procurement managers in order to succeed as the profession continues to evolve.

As the role of procurement continues to evolve, a new approach is required. Leaders are actively transforming their organizations, with a new mindset, new processes and new technology. There is no textbook answer to all of these – needs differ based on the organization, talent, industry and other factors. Yet best practices exist and certain approaches are clearly driving procurement in the right direction. Having worked with hundreds of leading organizations as they transform procurement, I’d like to share some tips for procurement managers that should serve them well.

  1. Digitize – Automation is your friend

A massive trend across companies is digitization, with digitization of the Source-to-Pay process a key initiative for many CPOs. The inherent automation, which promises to only accelerate as innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) evolve, is viewed suspiciously by many as a threat to jobs. There is no doubt certain roles are changing or even being eliminated by automation, but fundamentally it is critical to empowering procurement to succeed. As the list of objectives continues to grow, from a cost focus to risk management, driving innovation, improving cash, increasing revenue and more, Procurement is becoming ever more strategic. But doing so much more is only possible if capacity is freed, which is a key benefit of digitization. Don’t resist digitization – its coming. Embrace it to redefine your role and become ever more valuable to your organization. Leaders are already doing so, in some cases automating 99 per cent + of their procurement and AP processes, CACI being one great example.

  1. Know your suppliers

Supply risk is hardly new, but with ever growing dependence on suppliers paired with more complex, global supply chains, it is ever harder to manage well. And with social media amplifying scandals around the world in minute, the potential impact has never been as large. Few things can strike terror in a CEO’s heart faster than a scandal or supply shortage, which we read about daily. Even compliance, take GDPR for example, often requires ensuring suppliers are compliant. Procurement leaders must ensure a solid understanding of their existing and potential suppliers. It can be a daunting task, but there is so much information now available and tools such as SRPM solutions that can bring it together, generate insights and make them available at your fingertips. Integrated action plans, flexible surveys and other capabilities let you quickly gather information, address deficiencies and ensure auditability of your actions. Leaders are going a step beyond, not just passively assessing risk but proactively helping mitigate risk, as Fannie Mae  does by notifying suppliers at risk from cyber security threats.

  1. Build a solid data foundation

There is so much focus today on the latest innovations, with AI front and center of most conversations, but not many actual success stories. A key reason, as confirmed in a recent Forrester study, is poor quality data. Procurement leaders that are having success operating smarter, leveraging analytics and technologies such as AI are addressing data quality in parallel to implementing new technologies. Integrated suites generate clean data, at least if they have a unified data model, and master data management solutions are available that can address issues in back end systems, cleaning and normalizing suppliers records for example. Embrace new technology but don’t forget to work on the basics too.

  1. Believe in Darwin

Charles Darwin famously stated that “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” This was part of his theory of natural selection, but it has never been more relevant to companies than today. Markets are rapidly evolving with a continuous stream of new regulations. New technologies are disrupting traditional business models. New risks such as cyber security are arising. The only certainty about the future is uncertainty. Procurement is well placed to help companies adapt, meeting new regulatory requirements, shifting supply to optimize an evolving tariff landscape and much more. Successful Procurement leaders are ensuring their organizations are agile and can evolve. That means being flexible in processes and it also means ensuring technology supports rather than constrains your plans. The shift towards Cloud-based solutions offers many advantages to companies, but can also impose constraints, forcing companies to adjust processes to the software and tying your hands if your needs change. This is a key reason why so many companies switch providers – they realize too late the technology doesn’t meet their ongoing needs. Be sure any technology you implement is likely to allow you to meet unforeseen needs.

  1. Care about your customers

Successful Procurement leaders are seen as helping employees do their jobs better. Increasingly, that means making the purchasing experience a pleasure rather than a hassle, as employees expect consumer-like shopping at work and home. Companies of course have constraints, such as buying off contracts or from preferred suppliers, but that should be built into your procurement process so it feels seamless to employees, who are guided to what they need and can easily track the status of orders. The more procurement can be viewed as making employees happier and more efficient, the better for the function and your career. And the more automated this process, the more time for strategic activities.

  1. Engage your suppliers to innovate

Suppliers are a vast pool of potential innovation. Much talk is made of untapping that innovation but far less results. This is a tremendous wasted opportunity, and one that needs more attention. Success here can drive significant revenue opportunity and reduce costs, ultimately greatly increasing the stature of procurement in an organization. A great example is MBf Holdings, where procurement collaborated with suppliers to develop a new outpatient services offering to not only save a strategic customer, but grow share of wallet and create significant upsell opportunities. The key to success here is making such collaboration scalable, through effective platforms that allow sharing of requirements and communication between internal stakeholders and suppliers.

  1. Think beyond best-in-class

As a final tip, I feel it’s important to look at your end goal. Procurement teams are often obsessed with benchmarking against and achieving best-in-class performance on a range of metrics. This is all good, but the most effective procurement teams don’t aim for best-in-class as their end goal but an interim step. You don’t build a competitive advantage by being as good as your competition and doing everything the same. You also don’t attract and retaining talent by forcing them to operate in a fixed, generic best-in-class process. Winners empower their talent to bring their best ideas to life and do a few strategic things differently, better than the rest. A leading Telecom provider realized they had an untapped source of revenue in used mobile devices so configured their sourcing tool to run forward auctions, generating tens of millions in new revenue. Join the upcoming webinar to hear how Meritor, a leading automotive supplier, configured a unique New Product Introduction (NPI) process to drastically accelerate launch of more profitable products, driving huge share price appreciation relative to peers. So if you rather win the World Cup than just play in the tournament, leverage technology that can both bring you to best-in-class quickly but still empower you to go beyond.  

Submitted by: Robert Barwick, City of West Allis

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Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the VALUE Planning Committee
January 16, 2019

Barwick, Robert
Fleming, Matthew
Greco, Cindy
Hartmann, Roy
Martin, Catherine
Matz, Cindy
McKinney, Duane
Nash, Vicky
White, Jen

Bembenek, James
Drzewiecki, Mike
Jacobs, Sung Ye
Jeffries, Karen

The Commitment to Excellence Luncheon was served at Kegel’s Inn in West Allis, to recognize the accomplishments and effort put forth by Bid Lead Agencies of VALUE. A shortened Committee meeting followed.

By-Laws Update
Jen White continues work on updating the By-Laws, with helpful reviews by Board members. Final draft is expected to be completed at the February meeting.

New and Ongoing Business
Treasurer’s Report – filed by Treasurer-Duane McKinney

New Members – None

Membership Renewals – Renewal notices have been e-mailed out to all member agencies and we are starting to receive the renewals. As expected, agency membership has declined from the previous year. While membership payments continue to come in, final membership count is currently at 41, but expected to be about 60 agencies.

Learn From Your Peers
A Free CPPB training opportunity is available to all WAPP and VALUE members. Presenter is Jim McGuire, on Saturday, January 26 and Sunday the 27thin Wheaton, IL. See the January VALUE newsletter for more information.

Logo Design
Committee has selected a new logo design, as submitted by Jen White. Here is a peak at the primary logo to be utilized.


Planning for March Meeting
James McGuire has been acquired to provide three training sessions on Thursday, the first day of the March Conference. Classes will be: Tackling Cost in any Procurement, Ethics and Procurement, and Bids, Bias and Brands, Oh My!

Other presentations include: Scott Kussow from Ewald Automotive for an update on new vehicles, and ordering timelines. National IPA is willing to discuss their recent merger with US Communities. Amazon is also scheduled to speak about their services and their new pricing schedule for their Business and PRIME accounts.

The WAPP Spring Meeting, hosted by VALUE will be held at: Wisconsin Association Management Training Center, 11801 W Silver Spring Dr. Suite 200, Milwaukee, WI 53225. Robert will complete facility arrangements/ food selection/ and hotel arrangements.

VALUE Members may register for the meeting by visiting

February Meeting
The next VALUE monthly membership meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at West Allis City Hall, Room 128. Networking begins at 8:30 am until 10:30am.

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State of Wisconsin Contract Updates


Updates to State of Wisconsin contracts are issued weekly by the State of Wisconsin.  VALUE is reprinting the weekly information received as a courtesy to our members. 


The following contracts have been updated for the week of 1/7/2019 - 1/11/2019:

505ENT-M17-WIRELESSPH-XX Wireless Telephony and Broadband Plans, Equipment and Support - Amendment 2 - AT&T.  Amendment 2 - Verizon Wireless

505ENT-M15-SECGRDSVS-00 Security Guard Services - JBM received a price increase effective December 16, 2018 to increase the Level II Security Guard Rate in Regions 1, 2, 4 and 6 to $17.35 per hour.

505ENT-W12-CENTRXATT-01 Centrex and Local Services (AT&T) - Uploaded Amendments 1 through 10

505ENT-M15-OFFURNITUR-00 STATEWIDE OFFICE FURNITURE - Encore removed - merged with Arcadia Chair January 1, 2019.

505ENT-M14-FLUVACCINE-00 Influenza Vaccine - FFF Enterprises, Inc. and McKesson Medical-Surgical, MN Supply, Inc. Renewed through 12/31/2019

505ENT-M15-CARDPRGRMS-00 Commercial Card Solutions - Purchasing, Travel, and Fuel Cards - Renewed of the Commercial Card Solutions agreement with US Bank and this first optional renewal term will end on 12/31/2019.

505ENT-M15-LABFUELAN Laboratory analysis services - Updated user guide.  Revised price analysis unit price

505ENT-M19-FUELOILSW-00 Fuel Oil – Statewide - Updated price list with new location.

505ENT-M18-PAGINGSUPP-00 Paging Equipment, Airtime and Support- Added cost sheets

505ENT-O16-NASPOCOMPUT-00 NASPO Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services- Updated Lenovo's list of resellers.  Updated Reseller List for NetApp

505ENT-M19-HEATSET-01 Class 3 Printing of Heat Set Web Booklet Publications Collated and/or Bound in Digest or Magazine Sizes– New contract


The following contracts have been updated for the week of 1/14/2019 - 1/18/2019:

505ENT-M15-WTRSFNRSLT-00 Water Softener Salt- The Water Softener Salt contract has been renewed with a final contract expiration date of January 31, 2020. A price increase will go into effect 2/17/19.

505ENT-M19-CANLINERS-00 Can Liners- Revisions to BSL's can liner product listing


The following contracts have been updated for the week of 1/22/2019 - 1/25/2019:

505ENT-M17-SFTGLASSES-01 Prescription Safety Glasses- Contract renewed through 1/31/2020

505ENT-M15-HZRDSWSTSV-01 Hazardous Wastes Services- Added information on 2019 Hazardous Waste training.

505ENT-O15-FLOORING-00 Statewide Flooring Including Commercial Carpet, Resilient Coverings (Virgin and Recycled) and Related Services- Added "Approach" (Table 1, Patcraft carpet)


505ENT-O18-NASPOCLOUD-00 NASPO Cloud Solutions Contract (All XaaS) | Wisconsin Participating Addendums- Added DocuSign Agreement

505ENT-U18-SPICES-01 Spices and Seasonings-Updated the following spices in Nutritional Guides.  A-L updates include: Cajun Blend Spice, Chili Powder Mix – Dark, Curry Powder, Italian Seasoning, Crushed, and Italian Seasoning Salt Free.  M-Z updates include: Pickling Spice – Whole, Poultry Seasoning and Seasoning Salt.

505ENT-M19-2019VEHICS-00 Model Year 2019 or Newer Passenger, Law Enforcement & Light Duty Trucks– New contract


The following contracts have been updated for the week of 1/28/2019 - 2/1/2019:

505ENT-M15-HZRDSWSTSV-01 Hazardous Wastes Services - Updated Fuel Surcharge Rates.

505ENT-M12-SERVICESIT-01 IT Vendor Managed Services Sourcing Contract - Added Surveillance & Access Control Technician I & II to the Job Rates and Job Titles Files

505ENT-M10-VHICALRNTL-00 Nationwide Vehicle Rental Services - Updated Vendor information

505ENT-M19-RATECERT-00 Class 5 Legal/Public Notices: Rate Certification Program - Certification Rates Bulletin updated for February 2019

505ENT-O18-SAFETYVIDEO-00 NASPO Public Safety Video Systems - Renewed contracts through 1/31/2020

505ENT-M14-FLUVACCINE-00 Influenza Vaccine - 2019-2020 MMCAP Influenza Vaccine Prebooking Information is now posted on the MMCAP site

505ENT-M15-PROPANESVC-00 Propane / LP Gas – Statewide - Updated location information on Price List.

505ENT-M19-MEDICALSUP-00 Medical Supplies– New contract


The following contracts have been updated for the week of 2/4/2019 - 2/8/2019:

505ENT-O18-AEDANDACCS-00 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) & Accessories- Recall Notice: Stryker Launches Voluntary Field Action for Specific Units of the LIFEPAK® 15 Monitor/Defibrillator

505ENT-M19-MEDICALSUP-00 Medical Supplies- Summary of upcoming changes:

  • Concordance Healthcare Solutions will be a new vendor added to WISBuy.
  • Medical Solutions will be a new vendor added to WISBuy.
  • Medline will be removed from the contract and inactivated in WISBuy.
  • The McKesson punchout will be removed and replaced with a link to their Supply Manager site.


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