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VALUE Contract Updates

Value Bid Update

copy paper

The Copy Paper contract has been extended through 2019.  To obtain updated vendor contact information, and a copy of the extension letter and pricing, please visit the VALUE in Local Government website.

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Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the VALUE Planning Committee
November 21, 2018

Barwick, Robert
Beckwith, Jamie
Fleming, Matthew
Kurer, Bill
Nash, Vicky
White, Jen

Hammernik & Associates
Nick Hammernik provided paperwork for our signature to start the process of establishing the new entity. The entity name will be “Value for Local Government, Inc.” Robert Barwick is the registered agent for the entity. Nick will provide articles of incorporation and apply for the new Tax ID number.

Value will need to file a 990EZ form each year and renew the incorporation each year. Nick will provide instructions.

Jen White is working on updating the By-Laws.

New and Ongoing Business
Treasurer’s Report – no report

New Members – Medical College of Wisconsin

Learn From Your Peers
Vicky discussed issues with national phone contact information for Enterprise Car Rental. The group discussed using the local office as a contact instead of the national number.

Jen discussed definitions of “public work” along with contract templates and contract organization. The group discussed ideas on how to use ERP software to provide notifications regarding key contract milestones.

Jen discussed contract renewals and escalation clauses. The group recommended using various indexes such as CPI and having 7 years max as a rule of thumb for contract renewals

Jamie discussed P-Card processes regarding associating it with a Purchase Order. The group discussed the pro’s and con’s of associating P-Cards with POs and generally felt that most P-Card purchases should be stand alone

The group discusses copy paper orders regarding direct desk delivery from office suppliers vs bulk ordering to a central services.

Planning for March Meeting
James McGuire was tentatively approved to provide most of the speaking needs for Thursday.

Ideas for other time slots include Amazon, new Co-Ops, and various speakers from the list provided by Catherine Martin.

The group approved the Wisconsin Association Management Training Center, 11801 W Silver Spring Dr. Suite 200, Milwaukee, WI 53225 as the location for the meeting.

December Meeting
The group approved Kegels Inn as the meeting and lunch location. Vicky and Robert are working on reservations and a firm date and time for the meeting.

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Piggyback Updates


Below are changes or additions to the various piggyback opportunities available to VALUE member agencies.  Visit the piggyback page on the VALUE website, and click on the Pig to see the full list.

Do you have a contract to add to the list? Contact [email protected] to add your contracts to the piggyback list!

New Contracts



Contract Extensions

Applicant Tracking / Testing Software
Cairns 1044 Fire Helmets
Chip Seal Vacuuming Services
Janitorial Cleaning Services
Mechanical Repair Services of Trucks & Off-Road Equipment
Police Uniforms
Section 125C Flexible Spending Account
Vending Machine Services


Contract Expirations

Starting Aids
Traffic Control Equipment



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State of Wisconsin Contract Updates


Updates to State of Wisconsin contracts are issued weekly by the State of Wisconsin.  VALUE is reprinting the weekly information received as a courtesy to our members. 

The following contracts have been updated for the week of 11/12/2018 - 11/16/2018:

505ENT-O15-FLOORING-00 Statewide Flooring Including Commercial Carpet, Resilient Coverings (Virgin and Recycled) and Related Services - Renewal (final) completed for 11 of the 12 contractors. Updated User Guide, delete Prevailing Wage Rate document.

505ENT-M15-RELAYSERVC-01 Telecommunications and Captioned Relay Services - Amendment 4 uploaded.  The contract has been renewed for one year.

The following contracts have been updated for the week of 11/19/2018 - 11/21/2018:

505ENT-M17-WIRELESSPH-XX Wireless Telephony and Broadband Plans, Equipment and Support- Uploaded the QUICK GUIDE Wireless Public Safety Plans (version 1)

505ENT-U18-SPICES-01 Spices and Seasoning- Information added to User Guide regarding Problem Resolution, Waiver and Recall Processes.

505ENT-M18-ELEVATORSV-00 Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services- Added Lot 67, Wisconsin State Fair Park, effective 12/1/2018


The following contracts have been updated for the week of 11/26/2018 - 11/30/2018:

505ENT-U18-SPICES-01 Spices and Seasonings- Recall of Two (2) Spice Products - Basil, Sweet Leaf, and Italian Spice Blend - See contract synopsis for more information.

505ENT-M18-WTRTRTMHAC-00 Water Treatment & Services Area 2– Added Revised User Guide

505ENT-M15-OFFURNITUR-00 STATEWIDE OFFICE FURNITURE- Added SILQ seating (ergonomic) from Steelcase.

505ENT-M16-PRINTPAPER-00 Paper: Printing Grades, 50" Roll Stock (DET), and Copy Paper (White and Colors) - Effective 12/1/2018: LOT C paper prices have increased. If ordering from Badger State Logistics, please use the most updated LOT C Pricing (Badger State Logistics) Order Form. If ordering from Midland Paper, please use the most updated LOT C Pricing (Midland Paper) Order Form.

505ENT-M19-CANLINERS-00 Can Liners– New contract


The following contracts have been updated for the week of 12/3/2018 - 12/7/2018:

505ENT-M18-RATECERT-00 Class 5 Legal/Public Notices: Rate Certification Program - Certification Rates Bulletin updated for December 2018

505ENT-M19-CANLINERS-00 Can Liners - Revision made to the synopsis to reflect that end users should purchase can liners from Badger State Logistics.

505ENT-M11-HOSTEDVOIP-01 Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services (AT&T) - Added Amendment 9 (Skype for Business Desk Phone and Service Updates)

505ENT-S19-RADIOTVADS-01 Broadcast and Social Media Services – New contract

505505-S18-SPI0009-00 Online Legal Research Tools – New contract

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NIGP Webinars

NIGP Webinars


Public Procurement Practice: Selecting the Appropriate Construction Project Delivery Method

January 15, 2019
1:00 - 2:30 CST

Join us and hear directly from the team that developed guidance for selecting the appropriate construction project delivery as they share insights and highlight key concepts.

After viewing this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the three different primary construction delivery methods
  • Consideration of award criteria, project characteristics, and attributes of each delivery method
  • Select the most appropriate construction project delivery method(s) for the award criteria  



Public Procurement Practice – Audits

February 5, 2019
1:00 - 2:30 CST

Procurement is likely to face or become involved in an audit. This webinar highlights recently-published guidance on the how procurement professionals can prepare for, participate in, and emerge from an audit with increased economy, effectiveness, and efficiency. Join the procurement professionals who developed the guidance in this public procurement practice as they share their experiences and lessons learned

 After viewing this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Determine their agency’s vulnerabilities regarding an upcoming audit.
  • Prepare their agencies for an audit.
  • Maintain audit readiness through self- assessments
  • Respond to audit findings and implement a plan of action  

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