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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the VALUE Meeting
September 20, 2017

  Name Organization
Barwick, Robert City of West Allis
 x Fleming, Matt Kenosha County
  Hartmann, Roy Washington County
  Jacobson, JoAnne Port Washington/Saukville School District
  Jeffries, Karen City of Milwaukee
  Kurer, Bill Washington County
 x Martin, Catherine Waukesha County
 x McKinney, Duane Racine County
 x Matz, Cindy Walworth County
 x Nash, Vicky Waukesha County Technical College
  Schaack, Beth City of Waukesha
 x Schleimer, Laurel City of Wauwatosa
  White, Jen Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District









Guest: Peggy, Finance Director for West Allis

WisBuy Demonstration

Ann Hommer – State of Wisconsin Department of Administration, IS Technical Services
Mike Marion – Section Chief for Wisconsin Department of Administration Procurement Area 

A demonstration of the WisBuy system was provided by Ann Hommer to enable the VALUE Planning Committee to determine if it would be a useful tool that we would have the capacity to provide to the VALUE Members. 

  • There is a test environment for training new users.

  • Once VALUE is set-up , new users would fill out simple information from the WisBuy homepage. WISBuy does the set-up of accounts.

  • When training, the first thing that happens is the user sets up their ship-to. For VALUE, we would need a way to set-up each business unit (one business unit would equal one VALUE member agency). Need one bill-to and all their ship-to addresses. Each agency would need one person who is the primary contact person who can set-up new users. We would need one person at VALUE who is the administrator who can add new users. VALUE would set-up the smaller VALUE member agencies that do not have their own procurement department, if it were determined by the group to go that route and depending on interest of VALUE members.

  • There are separate roles for WisBuy:

    • BU Administrator – can assign roles for each user within their VALUE agency

    • MMCAP ID numbers are required to gain access to the MMCAP contracts. The Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP) assigns a number to each shipping address for an entity/VALUE Member Agency. In addition, the vendors under the MMCAP contract must provide each entity/VALUE Member

    • Agency with their own account number
      A separate role is available that entities can use if they limit who is authorized to purchase IT equipment.

  • When users log in they see the shopping home page. They can see all the contracts (including the MMCAP contracts, if they were setup with that access).

  • There are 2 types of contracts:

    • A “punchout” – this goes to the vendor’s website. When you are visiting a punchout site, the WisBuy logo will show as well as the vendor’s logo, so you know you are getting the contracted pricing.

    • “Hosted” – the vendor setup static pricing within WisBuy that shows products and pricing. Comparisons can be done for different vendors of like items for options that are hosted, but the punchout comparisons would need to be done one by one.

  • Users can either click on specific products, or search in the “shop and compare” area to look for an item. For example, if you search for “battery” in the “shop and compare” area all the contracts that are hosted provide pricing. Batteries available on the punchout catalogs will need to be searched separately. The search box also looks for every single word you type – therefore, less is more – search for “putty knife”, not “plastic putty knife” (otherwise you get results for all plastic items as well!). Notice that you can also do an “advanced search” to help narrow your search results.

  • Once the user finds the item they wish to purchase, they can add it to their shopping cart and purchase the item using their p-card, which has been loaded behind the scenes. They will receive the State contract pricing.

  • On the office supply contract, the State required items say “on contract”. These are the “core” items that have deep discounted pricing. All other items will be a discount off list pricing. Items such as furniture will show up in the search results, but there is a message that says the item is blocked from purchase. Ann Hommer must be contacted by the BU Administrator if you want the item to be unblocked so that it can be purchased by the users for that organization.

  • Punchout items in the shopping cart must be checked to ensure you are getting the correct pricing before you place your order. A warning is shown when you try to check out to remind you of this. The order is sent to the various vendors, with a separate receipt for each vendor showing the items ordered.

  • Items such as 9-volt batteries are mandatory to be purchased from the mandated State contract for batteries. They cannot be purchased on the office supply contract. However, the pricing is cheaper on the State’s office supply contract.

  • Users can be set-up such that the charges are sent to someone else’s pcard within their organization. If you need approvals of the purchase, WisBuy will route for approval.

  • Favorites can be shared by creating a list and adding rights to users to access the list.

  • There are 3 different reporting options: Screen Export, Transaction Export, Full Export. Once a report is generated, an email is sent with a link to the report.

  • All users can generate a report of all your prior purchases – all your requisitions. If you are the BU Administrator for your entity, you can see all the requisitions/purchases for all the users for your entity. You can also see the status of the orders (order placed with vendor, order shipped, etc.) This information can be exported to a .csv file as well. A .csv file can be opened with Excel. When you export the report, you can export just the screen info (which includes the order numbers), the screen information and all the transaction details, or a “full” export which will also include the last 4 digits of the purchaser’s pcard. Agencies tend to like the reporting. There are also canned reports available as well, but these are only available to the BU Administrators, not the Users.

  • As the BU Administrator, there is a message center for providing messages to the users at your entity. You can upload your entity’s logo. This area would also include who to contact at VALUE for questions.

  • The Administrator can click on “Manage Users” and update a lot of information for their users – shipping address, etc.

  • Users and BU Administrators can set-up shopping lists in the system. The BU Administrator can share shopping lists to other users.

  • When p-cards change, the updated information can be updated by either the user or the BU Administrator. The card number is masked/secure.

  • There is a “compare” feature to allow you to compare items. This only works for hosted catalogs, and will not include the same item if it is available on a punchout catalogs. You can open WisBuy in two browsers – this allows you to compare the item on from the punchout catalog(s) and the hosted catalogs at the same time.

  • There are a few vendors that must be called prior to placing an order so they can set up your organization when you place your first order. Microsoft and McKesson are two of those vendors. They didn’t want card information included in the transfer of data for security reasons regarding the WisBuy system talking to their computer systems. Therefore, an email is sent (or phone call made) to the user to provide the credit card information.

  • Currently you must sign-in on the Grainger website to obtain an actual copy of your invoice. However, you will receive an email acknowledgement of your order. WisBuy personnel are working with Grainger to fix this.

  • For most of the contracts, shipping is included in the pricing. However it depends on the contract. There are also a couple of contracts that have a minimum order amount (such as the battery contract). If the vendor has a green initiative as part of their contract, they may have a block on shipping dates.

  • Once the order is placed, you can add attachments (such as an email), as well as notes to the order/requisition. You can also print the order or save it as a .pdf.

  • We asked whether we could add other contracts onto the VALUE-managed version of the WisBuy login/website – such as contracts from other cooperatives or the VALUE contracts. Mike mentioned that they would need to discuss that option with their management.

  • Items that are blocked by administrator for end users, i.e., IT or furniture, will show an auto message that states “This item has been blocked”. Currently that is the same message that is seen when an item is removed from inventory. Items are added on a one-by-one basis.

  • A question was raised as to whether WISBuy could add our VALUE contracts to their website for offerings, Ann Hommer mentioned she would have to look into this and they are hopeful this is something that could eventually be done as they realize it could really grow the program and user participants.


Common Solutions / Open Forum Discussion

Catherine Martin asked if anyone has suggestions to make the online auction process smoother. They have issues with the pickup of the sold items. People don’t bring the proper equipment or vehicles to move items, they will not schedule when they will pickup the items, etc. Matt Fleming mentioned he found a vendor that took all the pictures, cataloged everything, performed the auction, and then set-up a specific date for pickup. The vendor charged an hourly rate + commission to the county for the service. Vicky Nash mentioned that SWAP (Verona, WI) does something similar and that Office Furniture Warehouse will pick up used office furniture.

Business Meeting 

Treasurer’s Report as of 8/31/2017:

Checking:  $13,474.94
Savings:  $10,012.40

New Members:  None

Discussion of WisBuy Presentation:

  • Peggy mentioned that the reporting piece helps “reign in” and identify the rogue spending that was initiated when the p-card program started.

  • Vicky mentioned that her users would like having the comparison tools for the various contracts (such as MRO contracts). It also helps ensure the user obtains the correct contract pricing.

  • Matt mentioned that it’s nice that there is an automatic block on prohibited items – such as the office furniture purchases

  • Matt mentioned that we would have to take the “good with the bad” in that we’d perhaps have to order batteries from the State’s battery contract.

  • Matt and Vicky both mentioned that our jobs as procurement professionals have changed in the past 5 years or so – this is how we do business now.

  • Matt mentioned that this would appropriately proliferate the use of pcards for small transactions within their organization.

  • Matt mentioned that using the State’s contract for office supplies would eliminate the “bag of cats” they’ve had recently with changing software platforms for placing orders and changing representatives.

  • Vicky mentioned this would also help reign in those folks that physically go to Grainger to make their purchase.

  • Matt asked us to think about what VALUE’s role should be in this?

    • Vicky said we could do a presentation at our annual meeting

    • Matt said the larger VALUE entities could set-up their own. But what about the smaller entities?

    • We could have a VALUE page for the smaller entities, and determine how to administer that. Robert mentioned maybe we would need to be a “user group”. Or just promote the site?

    • Catherine mentioned that this will not help us “grow membership” and provide value to the VALUE members. However, maybe if we help our members with the Admin portion, that would be of value. Vicky also mentioned that if we can add the VALUE contracts to the WisBuy site, it will perhaps provide a reason for people to join VALUE. 

Annual Meeting Planning

  • Robert Pennington – Mr. Pennington is willing to do a presentation on team building, or protests (from the vendor’s viewpoint). He also teaches the Legal Aspects of Public Procurement class. Robert Barwick asked if he would talk about NASPO. Matt Fleiming will ask. Procurement Tales from the Darkside would be one of the potential agenda items that Mr. Pennington speaks to as well. Mr. Pennington would not charge a speaker’s fee, however, we would need to pay for airfare for him and his wife, plus hotel expenses.

  • Robert Barwick mentioned that NASPO might want to do a presentation if Robert Pennington will not.

  • Living as a Leader series – Matt Fleming the speakers would cost between $1000 and $1500 (need to purchase materials as well). They are based out of Milwaukee.

  • Body Language presentation – Cindy Matz provided information about Patti Wood ( Ms. Wood is willing to consider a reduced price for providing her “deception detection” presentation to our group about reading body language and other communication skills. Ms. Wood understands that we are a non-profit group, and that her normal rates would not be possible for us, but she requested that we give her an “offer” of how much we could pay. After discussion, Cindy will offer a speakers fee of $1000 plus airfare plus hotel, preferably to fill the 2 hour slot on Friday.

  • Robert Barwick mentioned that if we can provide the agenda topics to Steve Martinelli (WAPP), he can start asking for sponsors for the meeting.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Ordinary Negotiators

The 7 Habits of Highly Ordinary Negotiators
Part 5 of 7

by Omid Ghamami

Relies on Position Power Instead of Ability to Influence

I have a real story to share with you, and it’s happening right now.  A Fortune 150 client (“Company A”) of mine needed to transform their procurement department.  They wanted to hire a rock star to run the department for them.  They hired a lady who had moved mountains in procurement at a Fortune 50 company (“Company B”).

Company A was thrilled that they landed this lady.  She was going to transform how they do procurement.  Just in time too, they had a major $100M+ negotiation coming up with a long term strategic and single sourced supplier.

Company A gave their new purchasing director the keys to the house.  Coming from a Fortune 50 company where she accomplished incredible things, they were certain she would come in and nail this strategic high dollar and high criticality negotiation.

They couldn’t wait.  She was going to work her magic.  For how much they were paying her, she had better work her magic.

But something happened, and it wasn’t good.  The supplier wanted $120M, and she countered with $13M.   Surely this $13M figure was backed by cost models.  Or by benchmarking.  Or by third party analysis.  Or by research.  Or by something.  Or by anything.

But it wasn’t.

She just came up with the figure because it sounded good and because it was extremely aggressive.  And what was her influence strategy with this figure?  “Go make it happen, and don’t come back to me until you do!”

That was her strategy. THAT was her strategy.  All of it.   And the results were predictable.

This highly strategic supplier of many years got offended and walked from the negotiating table.  Efforts to reconvene negotiation resulted in yelling, name calling, and accusations.  It was a complete mess.

Finally, the engineering department – The ENGINEERING department – took over and completed the negotiations.  And where did they learn how to negotiate?  From the myriad of negotiation websites with 1950’s strategies to use, like “good guy, bad guy” and other useless tactics that have no business in our modern day supply chain practices.

After this hot mess was over, my client sat down with me and asked me how this all happened.  I told them that the person they hired never had any talent at all, and they had confused her results with her skills.

It turned out that she worked for a company that was so big, so powerful, so desirable to work with that she could make incredibly unreasonable edicts and pound the table and the suppliers had no choice but to listen.  And most of them were small Chinese suppliers that couldn’t afford to say no.  They would just figure out a way, and she would delight in her accomplishments

And so she wasn’t negotiating at all, she never had actually.  And she had never influenced either.  The money she was spending and the brand that stood behind her was doing all the negotiating.

In the process, she also never learned to influence.  She only learned how to issue unreasonable edicts to small desperate suppliers.

All she had ever learned – her only skill – was how to exercise authority.  The most useless skill of all.

And since her exercising of authority worked, she fooled herself, and everyone around her – including Company B – into mistaking her incredible results for incredible negotiation and influence skills.

But they were wrong.  All of them.  And now all parties involved are paying the price – Company B, Company B’s strategic suppliers, and Company B’s new purchasing director herself, who now sits very precariously in a very senior and highly compensated position that she has no business occupying.  And she will fall from her throne.

And now onto the moral of this very true story.

Read this twice: You are spending someone else’s money.  A lot of it.  The bigger your company is, and the more of their money you are spending, the more likely you are to not develop any influence skills at all, and to fool yourself and everyone around you into thinking you have.

I define influence skills as the ability to achieve your objectives with another party not because the other party had to, but because you engaged them in such a way that they wanted to.

Do you know who has great influence skills?  The purchasing professional working in the medium sized company who doesn’t have the leverage or the name, and has no hope of being successful in negotiations and supplier performance management without development of very strong influence skills.

When you start your career, all that mattered was your ability to get things done.  And the more knowledge you acquired, the more valuable you were.  But somewhere in your career there lies an inflection point.

That inflection point is the day when your influence skills are the only thing that will take your career to the next level.  If you don’t believe me, ask your boss if you will get a promotion if you get another degree.  At some point, more degrees won’t help you.

People with superior knowledge get bypassed by people with superior influence skills all the time.

Remember when IBM was dying in the early 1990’s?  Who was their technical savior that they brought in at CEO?  Louis Gerstner from Nabisco.  FROM NABISCO, a cookie company.  He wasn’t a technical wizard, but he had a vision, and he knew how to influence.

So get a mirror and look in it really carefully.  Are you developing your influence skills with suppliers?  Or are you only leveraging your spends and company brand?  Would your same negotiation strategies work if you worked for a much smaller company, or if you were spending much less?

Be careful, because you may just experience a rude awakening, and when you do, your career will plateau, and it may even go backwards… like the new purchasing director at Company B.

Don’t be that person.  Develop your influence and negotiation skills and separate them from your company and financial leverage.  If you don’t, all you will ever have will be from without and not from within.  And you can’t take that to your next job.  Just ask Company B’s new purchasing director.

Now go off and do something wonderful.

Be your best!

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NIGP Webinars


NIGP Webinars

Procuring for Success

Date:  October 24, 2017
Time:  1:00-2:30 CST

Pay for Success is an innovative financing mechanism that is designed to shift risk for new social service programs from governments to investors. A key component of the model is contracting for outcomes instead of services. An example would be a permanent supportive housing program designed to reduce homelessness in which payment was tied to improvements in housing stability rather than the number of housing vouchers given out by the program. Paying for outcomes involves a data-driven decisionmaking process to select both programs and providers, and actively monitor contract performance. This webinar will explain the Pay for Success model, how it has been used, and some lessons that can be learned from the procurement of recent Pay for Success projects.

Where Big Data & Procurement Meet

Date:  October 31, 2017
Time:  1:00-2:30 CST

What is all the buzz about big data? Can your organization improve its performance and strategic thinking using procurement data and big data? Explore the origin, meaning, and use of big data. Learn how it supports and links to procurement data and the ultimate achievement of procurement excellence.

Dare to Be Great - The Leadership Challenge for Public Procurement

Date:  November 7, 2017
Time:  1:00-2:30 CST

Do you want to be recognized for the value you bring to your organization? What are the challenges to the next generation of Public Procurement professionals?
This webinar aims to challenge you to become leaders in both your organization and the Public Procurement profession. Understanding how the Public Procurement landscape is changing and is critical to your future success.

Digital Signatures - It's About Time

Date:  November 14, 2017
Time:  1:00-2:30 CST

The use of digital signatures is common place in the private sector, commercial transactions, and even when applying to universities. But how can public procurement transition away from the pen to implementing and taking advantage of the efficiencies available using digital signatures? This session will provide you with an overview of the different types of digital signatures/certificates, the methods and technology solutions available, and, most importantly, the requirements that make digital signatures legally binding.

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Piggyback Updates


Below are changes or additions to the various piggyback opportunities available to VALUE member agencies.  Visit the piggyback page on the VALUE website, and click on the Pig to see the full list.

Do you have a contract to add to the list? Contact to add your contracts to the piggyback list!

New Contracts

Vehicle Graphics & Installation


Contract Extensions

Audit Consulting
Automotive Storage Batteries
Cement, Quick-Set, Portland
Concrete Pole Removal
Motor Fuel
Oxygen Services
Police Psychologist Services
PVC Continuous Duct
PVC Pipe and Related Fittings
Spring & Suspension Repairs
Street Sweeper Parts
Synthetic Motor Oil


Contract Expirations

De-Icing Chemicals /Water Softener Salt
Hospice Services
Pesticides & Chemicals



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State of Wisconsin Contract Updates


Updates to State of Wisconsin contracts are issued weekly by the State of Wisconsin.  VALUE is reprinting the weekly information received as a courtesy to our members. 

The following contracts have been updated for the week of 9/11/2017 - 9/15/2017:

505ENT-M13-PAGINGSUPP-00 Paging Equipment, Airtime and Support - American Messaging and Spok contracts were both extended for 6 months to March 13,2018

505ENT-O17-SALESFORCE-00 Salesforce Implementation Services - Contract Manager changed from Brenda Derge to Ceotrid Gilbert.

505ENT-M14-LEGALRSRCH-00 Online Legal Research Tools - The contract manager transitioned from B. Derge to J. Witecha

505ENT-O16-NASPOCOMPUT-00 NASPO Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services - Updated the Quick Guide to reflect the WISBuy contracts available.

505ENT-M12-MEDICALSUP-00 Medical Supplies - Medical supplies are available for ordering on the WISBuy PCard Marketplace and eCatalog


505ENT-M17-SKYPEACC-01 Skype for Business-Compatible Speakerphones, Headsets and Related Equipment - Added WISBuy ordering information.

505ENT-M16-PRINTPAPER-00 Paper: Printing Grades, 50" Roll Stock (DET), and Copy Paper (White and Colors) - WISBuy: Lot C products are available for ordering on the WISBuy PCard Marketplace and eCatalog. 

505ENT-M17-WIRELESSPH-0x Wireless Telephony and Broadband Plans, Equipment and Support - T-Mobile, the fourth and final supplier on the wireless contract, has been added.

505ENT-M18-BUSCARDS-00 Class 4 Printing of Business Cards: Thermograph and Flat - The contact email for The UPS Store has been changed to


The following contracts have been updated for the week of 9/18/2017 - 9/29/2017:

505ENT-M15-MOTOR FUEL-00 Motor Fuels – Statewide - Updated Vendor Contact Info.

505ENT-M12-SERVICESIT-01 Vendor Managed Services Sourcing Contract - Updated the TAPFIN Program Manager's name and contact information.

505ENT-M14-WTRTRTMHAC-00 Contract Information for water treatment program for Heating and cooling systems for Areas 2, 3, 4 & 5.  Contract has been extended for an additional 1 year and created Area 2A for Capital Heat & Power


505ENT-O14-WSCATRAVEL-01 WSCA Travel Services through Corporate Travel Management - Updated contract expiration date.

505ENT-W04-ESRIGEO-01 ESRI Geographic Information System Software - Esri Amendment 8 Price List added (EEAP)

505ENT-M14-IWATSUREPR-01 Iwatsu Key Telephone Systems - Contract renewed through September 30, 2018.

505ENT-M14-LEGALRSRCH-00 Online Legal Research Tools - Renewed Westlaw agreement for an additional one-year term (final renewal).

505ENT-O14-BROADISP-00 Broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services - Contract renewals completed for Airstream, AT&T and WiscNet (CenturyLink will be renewed but not yet completed)

505ENT-O14-BUSINESSISP-00 Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services - Contract extended through September 2018

505ENT-M17-DENTALSUP-00 Dental Supplies - Dental supplies are available for ordering on the WISBuy PCard Marketplace and eCatalog.


The following contracts have been updated for the week of 10/2/2017 - 10/6/2017:

505ENT-M18-DATAENTRYS-00 Data Entry Services - Data Shop, Inc. is added to the contract as a provider of off-site services. TriShulla LLC is a provider of only on-site services. TDEC’s award (on-site and off-site services) remains unchanged.

505ENT-M17-RATECERT-00 Class 5 Legal/Public Notices: Rate Certification Program - Certification Rates Bulletin updated for October 2017

505ENT-M18-TEMPHELPSV-00 Non-IT Temporary Help Services (for Assignments Twelve (12) Months or Less) - Note to users: Signature Staff Resources handles payment for Talent Network Group. Invoices will come from Signature Staff Resources on behalf of Talent Network Group.

505ENT-M12-TIES&TUBES-00 New Tires, Tubes and Related Services - Added service pricing to the Goodyear Price List

505ENT-M16-COLDSET-01 Class 3 Printing of Cold Set Web Booklet Publications Collated and/or Bound in Digest, Magazine, or Tabloid Sizes - American Litho has provided documentation for paper price increase. Attached is an updated Paper Price Chart.

505ENT-O18-NASPOMAILEQ-00 NASPO ValuePoint Mailroom Equipment, Supplies and Maintenance - New contract.

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